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There's a few things I really need to get off my chest so I can finally put my .....

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Everyday can't be a winner...

I guess it could be worse... I could have stepped in dog poop with bare feet... .....

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another minute down

If it made sense to me, it would be better. But it doesn't. I doubt it soon will.....

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In Wonderland

If the rabbit had been a man-- Alice would have stayed......

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Purple words on a grey background.

Dear Taylor, You don't even know what you did to me. I know this will effect .....

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An old letter rewritten and yet still the same

Yes i guess its true.. I've elected hell for myself. Maybe that's why i like thi.....

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forgiven love

my heart had no response besides the immediate ringing like the sound of an em.....

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douchebags r us

everyone has a low point. I wonder if you've reached yours yet. you sure are .....

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