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Here in the cool mist, a bitter girl did sit and dream of love......

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i need a new name. a new existence. a fresh body without the stink of scars and .....

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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer,

Dear Doc. I've been trying to power-of-intention myself into a new world for .....

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love is our never ending sorrow, our life long tourment, a fallen drop of powd.....

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I am so sorry...

Dear you, I don't know if this means anything at all...but I miss you. I know .....

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I couldn't sleep tonight. I thought I'd clean the house, to wear myself out or t.....

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Big S--Did you send the check for 1100? I want a copy of it please. Also as of.....

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one day

Washed hands through time Even thieves fear to touch A glimpse of the imperfec.....

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