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today, i taste the rainbow......

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Fuck you. Fuck you for thinking you're so great...you and your lame excuse for .....

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My Unborn

my baby so special to me but i guess it wasnt ment to be maybe with him or jus.....

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A Ribbon of Red

There is an urge to take a knife and draw a line down my arm until it blossoms i.....

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You hate me. You despise me. You blame me for why your life took the path it did.....

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missing salary

An outburst like yours on the phone was not expected. The mail was not intend.....

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the first day back

today i went back to that place you hate. where people get hurt and others love .....

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Confused and feaerful

I don't know why I feel this way or why I do the things I do. It sounds cliche b.....

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