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Can't help it.

I can't help but wonder, what will become of us in a couple of years. I can't h.....

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Lost Love

Love lost on silent summer sky's Friends first, now forever love But tomorrows.....

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heres a lito truth

im not a gold digger. i want to be successful and i want a successful man. .....

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Dear 9-5 workday,

You make me sick. .....

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partner in crime

It's late here. Later there. I have papers to write just like the good old days......

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i think i have become a monster. i have destroyed all the good between us. i r.....

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I have a headache.

Remember all those horrible things you've said to me? Remember all the fistfight.....

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Dear Aladdin

There's always this line in theatre, between the techies and the main actors. It.....

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