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Rocks and Sunshine

Today, I decided that being a rock wouldn't be so bad. If I could just sit quiet.....

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I want to kiss you more than anything

Now is one of the times when I envy you your struggle to feel. I feel EVERYTHING.....

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Bad Touch

You have found my weak spot and have found joy in tweaking it whenever possible......

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I'm in love with someone else. I never loved you. You were just a guy I liked, s.....

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why does this keep going on

I want to send you a letter...one that contains every ridiculous ounce of me...e.....

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Letters To Nobody

dear vaibhav all those words were actually just reflections.... but unfortuna.....

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My Dream

throughout my life i would secretly write in late evening. i guess one would sa.....

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If I turn out dead

If I turn out dead; sister take anything from my room, but brother can have .....

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