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i just dont get this, im being made to make the biggest decision, and i dont wan.....

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A Ribbon of Red

There is an urge to take a knife and draw a line down my arm until it blossoms i.....

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An elderly woman...

An elderly woman put her hand on my shoulder today. She asked if I was okay, and.....

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Atypical typical morning

Dear Sunshine, I know that today will be difficult, waking up, gathering all b.....

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To someone I still think I dreamed up

You tell me all the time that I am the light of your life, how I came and made e.....

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Too Late

Wow....this is it. Letterineversent.com. Where the hell were you a month ago whe.....

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Dear Justin.

Friend, I read some articles about mormons opposing gay marriage in Californ.....

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Tension Rising

I don't think I've ever loved anyone. These people are all around me, but I don'.....

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